Sustainability at Kidsbury

Paving the Way for a Better Future

Every decision we make here at Kidsbury is for the good of the planet and its inhabitants. Sustainability is a broad term: it means protecting the environment in whatever way we can, as well as making sure our customers receive high quality products that are kind to skin – and good for the soul. As a business, we strive to lead by example, encouraging everyone who works with us, as well as other businesses, to make environmentally responsible choices for the future of our beautiful planet.

Our Fabrics

We use high quality, sustainable fabrics in each and every one of our garments. Our clothes are made with 100% Organic cotton and Organic Egyptian cotton. When we say organic, that means that the cotton is grown in as natural a way as possible, without using harsh chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers. This ensures that all our products are gentle against the skin, as well an environmentally responsible choice. Children are at the heart of everything we do here, so we design clothes that are child-friendly and supremely comfortable.

It All Begins at Production

Sustainable fashion starts at the very beginning of the manufacturing process, so the production of all our garments takes place in EU countries. The quality of European craftsmanship, and the use of premium materials and EU-regulated premises ensures that all our products meet our standards for sustainability. These standards include: employee welfare, minimum equal and leaving pay, a safe working environment, and regulated ethics. We perform regular inspections on all our sites to ensure these standards are being met.

Protecting the Planet

Our planet is precious; that’s why at Kidsbury we ensure that all our materials, storage and production solutions are within the EU, where there are strict regulations when it comes to protecting the environment. Sourcing and storing our fabrics from the same area in which we produce the garments significantly reduces our carbon footprint, and causes minimal impact on the planet and those who live on it.

Quality Above Everything

Producing premium, high quality products is our priority here at Kidsbury. We regularly perform quality checks at all our sites to make sure our high standards are being met, and every garment is approved before shipment. For excellent products designed specifically for children, you can trust Kidsbury.