6 Sustainable Gift-Wrapping Ideas

When it comes to presents, it seems like there is no other option but to wrap them in paper. But this year, let’s be trendy — eco-friendly! Because let’s be honest — nobody likes non-recyclable gift wrap. Of course, a beautifully wrapped Christmas present does look pretty under the tree and brings joy to your loved ones but after unwrapping there’s a lot of waste. To cut down on the sheer amount of paper, which is being used, we’ve put together a list of 6 most sustainable gift-wrapping ideas so you can make your presents eco-friendly this year.

Instead of buying ribbons, draw them!

Ribbons make presents look extra special and give it that finished look. But you have to realize that unless you’re repurposing all the ribbons you’ve ever received, they will be thrown straight into the bin. Luckily there is a more sustainable version for decoration – simply buy some gold or silver sharpies and scribble on a fun bow, you would be surprised at how decorative and fun they look, and it will also save you money!

There’s no paper like newspaper

If you have a lot of newspapers lying around or have access to them then you would be surprised what great gift wrap it makes! The monochrome print looks great under the green of the Christmas tree. Your gift will stand out the most under the tree and the newspaper will go straight into the recycling box.

Brown parchment paper 

Brown paper is a cheap option and has great potential to look the most impressive — minimalism is still so in! Plus the brown paper looks great mixed with a fabric tie or the previously mentioned drawn-on ribbon (or you can draw whatever you wish — geat creative!) and makes for a really unique Christmas gift presentation.

Pages of old books

Oh we know, we know, books are sacred. However, there really are books that can be recycled to create great wrapping paper. It looks very effective and even better if your recipient is an avid book reader.

Old but gold — mason jars

Mason jars make for a great presentation for edible gifts and homemade scrubs, bath salts, and soap. They are a unique way to show that you have spent time and effort in wrapping the gift, plus it also gives the recipient a reusable container they can use to fill with whatever they like. If you like, then you can add some recycled tissue paper to complete the look or simply leave it plain and let the jar speak for itself.

Give old fabrics a second life

Don’t just discard old clothes with pretty patterns or old pieces of fabric — it can all be used for gift wrapping. Maybe you have old Christmas tablecloths? It will look very vintage and unique amongst the other presents – just tie the knot as a bow or cut an extra bit of material to use as a makeshift ribbon.


There you go — there’s so much to choose from to make your Christmas presents eco-friendly. Of course, the colorful wrapping paper looks beautiful, but at what cost? Let’s treat our planet with love and care, and make this world a better place for our kids.