How to properly care for children’s clothes

There’s rarely anything as disappointing as seeing your brand new gorgeous garments completely lose their shape & colour after the first wash. When your brand new merino wool tee is ruined and covered in piles, that definitely shouldn’t be there. And it all comes down to proper garment care.

Kidsbury clothes are made either from 100% organic cotton or 100% merino wool. Both of these materials call for special attention; however, merino should be treated with extra care.

We suggest washing our products in cotton mode, in 40 degrees. You should not wash at 60 degrees, even though many a parent often think that the hotter the water, the better the outcome. But it’s not true. Washing cotton garments at high temperatures can cause loss of colour and shape. Almost all kinds of dirt wash well at 40 degrees.

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Turn the garments inside out before washing. Wash with similar colours to avoid staining or other undesired colour transfers.

Do not tumble dry. Do not use bleach.

Long story short: you can wash Kidsbury kidswear as often as needed, be it once a week or every day, just do it no warmer than 40 degrees.

Lifehack: you can use household soap to treat more stubborn stains. Simply pre-rub the affected area and then wash as usual. But there also surely are nastier stains that are hard to get rid of.

You can also spray dish soap on stains, leave it on for a while, and wash normally. This would be relevant for baby clothes – babies crawl and often have knees and bellies covered in all the dirt they’ve gathered from the floor.

Merino wool garments should be washed at 30 degrees max, inside out. In a gentle wash mode with a low spin cycle, or by hand. Do not tumble dry. The lower speed and shorter wash cycle will help prevent stretching and ripping of fabric.