How to keep your family with small children safe during coronavirus

To slow the spread of the COVID-19, society is becoming less and less social. Public areas are emptying, businesses are shutting down, and schools and daycares are closing. We, as parents, are struggling to navigate this new way of isolated family life. Here’s what we know for sure: coronavirus can infect children. Kids under 10 are just as likely as adults to become infected from a person in the home, so don’t be fooled by fake news telling you only sick & old are in danger.


Are you more at risk if you’re pregnant?

The good news is that thus far there hasn’t been any indication that pregnant women are more severely affected by the virus. But you should still be extra careful during pregnancy since the immune system’s efficacy dips during these nine months, which places pregnant people at a higher risk for contracting many transmissible illnesses – whether food-borne or respiratory. Official recommendations during pregnancy are currently about the same as for the general population, including avoiding crowds, staying away from sick people, washing hands frequently, and not touching the face.

Are playdates ok?

Well, not really. However, nothing is just black and white. You should consider factors like whether you’re in an area with a heavy virus circulation, whether you live with an older person, or whether you yourself are at high risk of exposure through your job could all change the answer. You, as a parent, should ask yourself, “Am I doing my best to keep the spread of this virus from happening?” Some parents have teamed up with another family to create a small circle that interacts but limits exposure to other people.

Should I take my kids to playgrounds?

As much as we’d like to think it is a good idea, it’s actually not. The virus is known to linger on hard surfaces and remains viable longest on plastic and stainless steel, where it can be detected for two to three days, though infectivity drops substantially after 48 hours. Imagine small children playing on a playground, and they cough on a piece, then another child crawls on that, and then they rub their eye; that’s potentially a pretty easy way to spread it. Bottom line: If you really are going crazy (and who could blame you!) and feel like you must go outside, take a family hike or bike ride instead of a trip to the playground.

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