Why the name – Kidsbury?

Kidsbury is a magical place. A town that only kids can enter. No trains can take them there, no planes or ferries. A Kid can visit Kidsbury by being a kid.

We often think we know what they’re going to be when they grow up.

We even try to build big plans for them. The little one’s going to become a lawyer like his dad or dancer like mommy. Or an artist… no — an architect! But we know too well that there’s no point in this fortune-telling. They seek and find their own paths.  And they will rethink their choices countless times — one minute it’s gardening, the next it’s acting. Somedays, they’re going to want to be mice or puppies, and lions, and tigers. And then there will be days when they won’t want to be anything, and it’s okay. It’s part of the game. For how should one learn about the world without trying everything?

When you’re supposed to see and learn so much, it’s good to have a place to be carefree every day. With bruised knees from climbing trees, with dandelion fluff all over the hair, and mouth all dirty from rolling around in the meadow, eating wild berries. And sometimes a little voice in the ear will whisper: go, sit in a puddle. And why not! Here at Kidsbury, everything is allowed!

Here we have sea and trees, flowers, and all four seasons! We do our best to make sure every little researcher finds the right outfit for the right adventure that won’t stop them from celebrating important victories, or just lay flat on the ground when they’re tired from all the excitement.

It’s the most durable pair of pants, the softest sweater, and the most comfortable dress in the world. And later, when they’re older, the baby sister or brother can wear it, too. These are garments of the highest quality, so pure and chemical-free, made with great care in the UK, drawing inspiration from the Baltics nature. Because Kidsbury goes hand in hand with nature and stands for longevity — every pair of garments can be worn for years by different kids. And while our little adventurers just get to know the planet Earth, we will protect it and help our kids grow up even better than ourselves.