5 Surprising Ways Kidsbury is More Sustainable

The Kidsbury collection is made from 100% organic cotton, and the most highly graded organic Egyptian cotton. So as you’d expect, the cotton is grown completely free of any harsh chemicals. But, while organic is mostly known for its natural farming methods, there are many reasons why our children’s clothes are so eco-friendly.

Here’s just a few of them.


1. Kidsbury clothes are made close to home

While you may think twice before popping fruit in your shopping basket that’s travelled across the world, but the air miles in our clothes are almost impossible to spot.

Sustainability is at the heart of Kidsbury, so you can guarantee that your little one’s outfit won’t be more well-travelled than you are! Our garments are made just across the sea in Europe, and when they’re ready to find their new forever home, they’re sent direct… not via a distributor.

We keep our sourcing, production and fabric storage all in the same area too, to reduce our carbon footprint. Keeping things close to home isn’t just good for the environment – it means we can keep tabs on quality too, from stitching to shipping.


2. Our growing process helps save water

Water is precious. By using 100% organic cotton and organic Egyptian cotton in all of our clothes, we’re using less of it, which helps to preserve resources for our children’s future. But why is organic kinder to water? Well, it all starts in the soil.

Non-toxic chemicals mean healthy soil, which is simply better at retaining water. Organic cotton crops provide more resilience in drought, too – and not a small amount – water reduction in organic methods can be as much as 91%!



3. It uses less energy, too

When it comes to making the most of the world’s resources, using organic doesn’t just focus on water. The energy needed to grow the cotton we use is put under the microscope as part of the certification process, too, and as with water, organic crops are simply kinder to energy resources.

In fact, organic cotton production demands less than half the energy of non-organic crops. In other words, your kids’ clothes are twice as energy efficient – and even better if you wash at lower temperatures!


4. Kidsbury clothes last (and last)

Remember the good old days of hand-me-downs, before disposable fashion took hold? At Kidsbury we’re proud to fly the flag of reuse. 100% organic textiles wash well, stand up to the test of frantic park days – and continue to look and feel good for your little ones until they’re ready for a new home.

The thing is, while parting with barely a coffee’s worth of money for a trendy item online might seem an appealing option, natural cotton far-outlasts synthetic fashion.

Organic fibres are longer, break less easily and are softer too – all because they’re grown and harvested as naturally as possible. So in the long run, sustainable kids’ clothes aren’t just kinder to the environment, but your pocket too!



5. Kidsbury clothes help combat climate change

Every Kidsbury item starts its life as a little cotton plant, grown as naturally as possible – and the air is all-the-cleaner for it. In fact, organic soil actually sucks pollution right out of the atmosphere by acting as a carbon sink to remove CO2. Kidsbury clothes use only organically-farmed cotton, so our crops can produce a huge 94% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to non-organic crops!

At Kidsbury, each and every stitch represents a whole lot of conscience – we’re proud to say that our collection not only looks good and feels great, but it has a positive impact on our planet, too. That’s got to be something worth wearing!