Six ways to make family days out greener

If your children are wearing Kidsbury clothes on your family day out, you’re already helping the planet – but becoming more sustainable needn’t stop there! Here are some of our favourite ways to reduce the carbon family footprint…


1. Leave the car at home for an adventure

Yep, we know it’s not always practical. But, if you can, try to leave the car at home. Ok, it’s a whole lot easier to pop it all in the boot and set off when it suits, but not only will you reduce your carbon output by opting for the train (or bus, bikes, park & ride) but heading out as a family with rucksacks – little and big – crammed with the day’s essentials can feel like a mini adventure for the kids. As a bonus, there’s more face-to-face family time on the train while you get to your destination – game of Dobble, anyone?


2. Pack the planet-friendly reusables

We’re all aware of the perils of plastic, and thankfully it’s now a whole lot easier to find food containers that are kinder to the world around us… and kinder for our little ones too, without the dangers of BPA. When it comes to lunch, there’s a ton of options out there – switching cling film for Bee Wrap is a no-brainer, we just love these bright kids’ flasks from Hydroflask, great for keeping juice cold… and the adult version keeps coffee hot all day, and accident-free – whichever way up it is in your bag!


3. Spend money where it counts

While the UK’s famous attractions hold an exciting appeal, it’s nice to know that your money’s making a positive impact. For a big day out, it doesn’t get much greener than Cornwall’s Eden Project, packed with trails and play areas it’s ideal for little ones. For something a little more understated, head to one of over 2000 Wildlife Trusts across the UK to meet everything from reptiles to butterflies and birds. Speaking of birds, the RSPB have a packed programme, too – you can take your children ‘pond dipping’ or for a ‘bugs and slugs picnic’… more appetising than it sounds!


4. Opt for a planet-friendly lunch

Far too many attractions in the UK are still behind the curve on dishing up healthy meals for children. Luckily, the Soil Association have produced a list of honours with their Out To Lunch campaign, so you know exactly where to go for locally-sourced or salady goodness. Unsurprisngly, Eden Project are on that list, alongside Chester and Whipsnade Zoo and the Science Museum. Or, take your own lunch box so you can decide on what goes inside – for a truly sustainable lunch, opt for organic and vegetarian.


5. Explore home turf

It’s easy to find cheap flights to the continent, but there’s just so much to discover closer to home, from the crystal-clear waters of Cork to the rugged landscape of Scotland. While your children might not be Ben Nevis-ready just yet, the UK’s 15 National Parks are a brilliant way for kids to get close to nature. Or if you prefer the beach, with nearly 8000 miles of coastline on our shores – you need never be too far from ice cream!


At Kidsbury, we’re committed to helping families become that little bit greener, and every small step makes a difference! So, which of these ideas will you pick for your next family adventure?