What’s GOTS Got to do with it?

At Kidsbury, our collection is made with 100% organic cotton and organic Egyptian cotton. But it’s not just any organic cotton – it’s GOTS cotton, approved by Global Organic Textile Standards. Here, we explain what the certification means – and there’s a whole lot more to those four little letters than you might think.

GOTS, the gold star of organic

As more parents tune in to the benefits of organic – both for our children and the world around us, there’s an increase in what’s on offer. In 2018, demand for clothing that’s kind to the planet went up by almost a fifth*. Of course, more choice can often mean more variability ­­– so it’s important to know what you’re buying… especially since organic can come with a premium price tag.


This is where certification comes in – because it lets us know that a product is what is says it is. In the case of GOTS, that’s not simply organic ­– but the shining gold star of organic. Global Organic Textile Standards is recognised across the world as the leading standard in organic textiles, and it’s a mark that goes far beyond the cotton crop.

While every Kidsbury piece begins with a healthy plant that’s free of harsh chemicals, the conscience of our collection goes beyond the field. The GOTS certification guarantees cotton that’s grown with safe, fair working conditions, and energy and water reduction targets. In other words, there’s a whole lot of good in even our littlest Onesie.

Why GOTS organic is great for kids

The organic cotton in our collection is grown in the most natural way possible, so the fibres of Kidsbury clothes are longer and less brittle. This means our clothes are longer-lasting, will machine wash without wear – and can handle even the most energetic of play dates. Leaving harsh chemicals out of the process makes for super-soft fibres, too. Which is kinder to your child’s skin.

At Kidsbury, we pack 100% organic cotton and the highest grade of Egyptian organic cotton into our clothes, because we know it’s the softest for your children’s skin, and will last a long time, too. While many clothes on the market carry an organic standard, not all textiles are crafted with a high percentage of organic cotton. GOTS labelling guarantees a minimum of 70% organic while another recognised standard, Organic Content Standard, may include as little as 5%. Whether it’s a little or a lot though, we believe that every step towards organic is a good step.

So, what’s GOTS got to do with it? Well, when it comes to the cotton we use in our collection, really rather a lot. You see, with GOTS we know that we’re finding the loveliest fibres for your little ones’ clothes – while looking after the future of our planet, too.


*The 2019 Soil Association Organic Market Report found that spending on ethical clothing increased by 19.9% in 2018.